Our Mission


Our Vision:  Youth Dreamers, Inc,. envisions a community that values its youth, acknowledges their strengths, and inspires them to reach their potential for leadership and service.
Our Mission:  Youth Dreamers, Inc., provides a unique safe haven with opportunities for youth to accomplish personal goals, develop leadership potential, and participate in improving their communities.

Goals:  Youth Dreamers, Inc.

Provides a supportive environment for youth to

  • Express themselves creatively.
  • Define and accomplish their goals.
  • Be themselves, embracing individuality.
  • Reach their full potential in furthering their education and community.

Provides youth with leadership and management skills by

  • Encouraging youth to mentor peers and run programs.
  • Engaging youth to serve in their communities.
  • Ensuring youth serve on the board of directors and help build the organization.

Changes the perception of youth by

  • Fostering positive connections between youth and adults.
  • Providing an outlet to build youth voice.
  • Providing multiple opportunities for youth.








  About Us



Youth Dreamer Rap

We're the Youth Dreamers
and we're here to say.
We're gonna bring success and education
your way!

We're gonna find a place
for kids after school
Where they can sit back,
Relax, and be cool.

Drugs and violence
Are not what they want to meet,
And all that happens
While you're on the street.

We wrote a grant
and letters, too,
we asked for donations
From a store near you.

We wrote to the Mayor
And the people downtown,
Thankfully they listened
And did not play around.

We did not stop
We kept on writing,
And for those who did not hear us
We're gonna keep on fighting.

We went to Youth As Resource on a Tuesday
It was during our Spring Break,
And we wanted to play,
But we wanted a youth center, so we went anyway.

We wrote to the senator
She put us in a bill,
Soon we'll get our house
Where other kids can chill.

We have to end our song
We hope you come along,
when our center is together
It will be open during any type of weather!


The Youth Dreamers Inc.
The Dream House—1430 Carswell Street
Baltimore, MD 212