Dream Big Scholarship Program

Dream BIG: Youth Dreamers Scholarship Program is a  unique scholarship program designed to keep the Youth Dreamers active and help youth in the community obtain higher education without fear of being denied help or access due to their academic standing (e.g. GPA, test scores).

Here's how the program will work

  • Dreamers will receive $1000 towards their education (for the first two years of college).  Dreamers can decide how to spend that money (i.e. school supplies, dorm supplies, books, tuition) and will pair up with their mentors to create their own personal Wish List. 

  • Dreamers will be paired with a current college Youth Dreamer mentor and will be followed and mentored by that student for up to two years. They will also be followed by a board member or an advisory board member who will show the additional “adult” support.

  • There will be various events and workshops that will be throughout the year (ALL on days when mentors will be home from school). 

  • At the end of their two years, Dreamers are eligible to become mentors of other Dreamers for two years. 

Expectations for Dreamers

  • Must stay in some type of higher education institution (college/university/trade school). If there are potential problems or issues that arise, be sure to talk to your mentors BEFORE they are unsolvable!)

  • Must attend all required events:
    • Three summer workshops junior/senior year
    • Cookies and Cocktails Fundraiser senior year
    • Spring Break Orientation senior year
    • College Shower before heading off to college!

  • Fall Semester of freshman year----communicate with mentors at least twice a month (and write one letter home), attend workshops at Christmas break, and attend Cookies and Cocktails fundraiser.

  • Spring Semester of freshman year----communicate with mentors at least twice a month (and write one letter home) and attend workshops at Spring break.

  • Summer of freshman year----Attend one meeting for feedback and evaluation and attend the Meet and Greet to meet incoming Dreamers.

  • Sophomore year---same expectations with some slight variations in events!
    • Bring a friend to one event so that he/she could possibly be in the next group of mentees or a potential future mentor.
    • If you are in the program for two years, you are eligible to become a mentor for the up and coming group of mentees.


For more information, see the Dream Big Scholarship Info Sheet.




Dream Big Scholarship Information Scheet (pdf)


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