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It's the moment we hope you have been waiting for!

The Youth Dreamers are THRILLED to share that we are now partnering with MICA's MFA in Community Arts Program to bring high school students together with graduate students to create social justice, arts-based programs at the Dream House!

Together students will take a year-long course called  Breaking Down Barriers through Creativity in Community at the Dream House.  Classes include:
  • Social Justice Curriculum
  • Program Planning and Fundraising
  • Grantwriting, Evaluation and Sustainability

In the Fall, students work collaboratively in small teams to come up with a program that can take place at the Dream House the following year based on research in community, focus groups with students from the nearby schools, and their own lived experiences.  In the Spring semester, teams flesh out their programs, create logic models, fundraise to make them happen, map out a recruitment plan, determine how to evaluate them, and ultimately create jobs for themselves teaching the programs the following year.  High school students can earn service-learning hours for these classes.


If this is all sounding familiar, it should!  This is the work that we did for many years with young people from the community!

What is different is that we are bringing graduate students in community arts into the mix to learn about Baltimore directly from our high school students.  Our high school students have the opportunity to take graduate level courses and become the next generation of Youth Dreamers: designing, implementing and evaluating programs at the Dream House--programs that will be created based on the needs and interests of members of our community.

Wondering how you can be a part of this? 

Help us recruit high schools to partner with us!  (This is essential because students need to leave early and will be earning service-learning hours.)  
The first class is Sept. 18th so we need this to happen ASAP!  
It's a win-win for everyone! 
Share this document with principals NOW!

Share the application with high school students.
Info is right here!

Spread the word about the work to funders, companies, and those interested in this work! We are currently seeking key funders and partners to ensure that the work is sustainable.  We know from our history that it takes a village...join ours! 
Stay tuned for our brochure of information that will be shared next week.  In the meantime, email us if you want to meet!  
If you are an elementary or middle school that wants to partner with us to bring opportunities to your students and families, email us at  

Donate some cash to tear down a wall so we can fit more students downstairs!  
We will put your name on what's left of it!
Buy a chair for $50 so we can seat more students comfortably!  
We will put your name on it or your favorite quote. 
(Scroll down to the bottom of the page please!) 

We will be needing volunteers in a variety of ways, so keep you eyes peeled for updates! 

We are beyond grateful to be able to reignite this partnership with MFACA that started many years ago with summer programming in the 14th district. It was then that we saw the incredible value of bringing graduate students together with high school students to be change agents in their own communities. 

We will be sharing much more information in the coming weeks and updating our website as well. 
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